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I have a new favourite song! It's the opening and closing song for Junebug, a rather well done movie that no one knows about from last year, complete with very disturbing artwork and Ryan from The O.C.

I kid you not, listening to this song is an experience that just about matches the real deal. Oh, it's infectious. I can't stop listening to it! It makes me so happy. I want to fall in love right now. :)

Download it! For evaluation purposes only: Harmour Love by Syreeta.

Edit: I just realized that the guy who played George in Junebug also played Pollux Troy in Face/Off! No bloody way. I'm almost as surprised as I was to realize that Jane from last year's Pride & Prejudice looked so familiar because I had seen her as the female lead in Doom a few weeks ago! No wonder it took me so long to realize it. Jane was never covered in blood or costarring with aliens in P&P. Looked a lot different, she did.
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Hmm, I finally discovered how to leave a blank comment. Or at least, one way to do it. There surely must be many more.

Simply type in a simple font tag like Bold but don't enter any text in it. So, it fulfills LJ's requirements for text, but since it's a tag with nothing in it, nothing will show up.

Yes. It took me this long.


My brother and I got into a teensy tiny fight last Saturday night and I haven't spoken to him since as well as vice versa. I hate our parents for teaching us the silent treatment. How does one get out of this situation? sigh.


Yawn (I yawned right after I typed that. That word has eerie powers). I'm off to find Nemo.

no spoilers

I can't understand Cameron-haters. I really can't.

I don't understand how they cannot understand, like, or at least appreciate Cameron. Maybe it's me. Maybe it's because my wiring is messed up so that everything (almost everything, there are some exceptions, but they are few) Cameron does, I completely understand, or think I do. It's simply makes sense to me.

Her morals, her ethics, her compassion. Her lack of a spine. Her neediness. Her desire to help people.

She's really quite something, and it makes me crazy that a good chunk of House fans hate her or think she's written inconsistently. Because you can't pigeonhole her, Cameron-haters won't accept her for who she is.

I would like to discover more of her background. What are her parents like? Did she have any childhood trauma? What events or incidents in her life before and during med school shaped in her into the person she is now? I hope House is good for a few more seasons so these questions will be answered.

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House is so good to us. The next episode is tomorrow! I cannot wait.

Oh, but what else is on? Iron Chef America with challenger Susur Lee! He's this Canadian dude who is really good. I only know of him because I watched this pretty boring show where he traveled to Japan with his two boys and wandered around the countryside. At the end of his trip, he created a signature dish which was to incorporate all of Japan, but also a little of Canada too.

Um, yeah. Oh, and Flames Game Seven tomorrow! Oh, my god. There're all going to be on at the same time! Gah.

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I went all the way to T&T Market to try on the Chinese dress after work today.


As it turns out, I can't actually *fit* into the damn thing. Juuuust about can't.

See, this is where being a fat girl comes in handy. I tell you. I've been waiting for this moment. This moment where I know I haven't been throwing my life away with extra poundage.

There are some perks. ^_^

Edit: Okay, only mostly joking. While it is great that I don't have to be in the wedding party... well, I have to say, the dress looked *really* good on me. But, I'm sure that style would look good on anyone. ;)
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flames are winning 3-0!!!


Does listening to music in different languages make one seem like a pyschotic freak? My brother seems to think so.

Let's get freaky.

Naino? by ビアンコネロ
A lovely upbeat song. Japanese. Simple, yet awesome chorus.

Der Picknicker by Fanta4
Haha. German rap, baby.

La Belle et la Bad Boy by MC Solaar
Oooh. More rap. French this time!

Owaranai Sekai by The Gospellers
Japanese again. But with a twist! They're like Japanese Boyz II Men.
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I start my new job tomorrow and I am so nervous!

My co-workers took me out to lunch at House of Thai today. There were about 13 of us. We overwhelmed that tiny restaurant in Chinatown.

When we got back, we had German chocolate cake (a couple of hours later) and they gave me a present. It was a spice rack! Something I sorely have needed. It was pretty funny. I unwrapped one corner and then stopped and said, "You know what I really need? A spice rack." Then I completely unwrapped it and was completely shocked! Haha.

I'm going to miss my co-workers a lot. :(
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I should really talk about my fandoms more. It's boring just keeping it to myself. Here's a list of my fandoms, in an ordered list by importance.

Active (only by my definition) fandoms:
Calgary Flames [okay, not a real fandom, but we just won 5-2 tonight, so that's something]
The Prince of Tennis
Veronica Mars
Fullmetal Alchemist

Retired fandoms:
Dark Angel
The Daily Show RPS
Harry Potter [this will shoot back up in level of importance when book 7 comes out]

I'm going to start writing about them. More than one or two snarky or squee-filled lines, hopefully. Starting... not now. (",)


Do you think this is mean of me? By what little you know of me, do you think this is uncharacteristically shitty/immature? Let me know. I don't care what they think, but I am curious what you make of it.
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come on pretty baby, let's take a ride

My personal twist on the question meme:

Ask me a question you think I won't answer. Alternately, ask me a question about something you couldn't care less about.


In other news, I am having so. much. fun. blocking userpics I don't like with adblock. The idea to do it never occurred to me until shippo mentioned it as his dirty little secret in The Question Club. Now I am gleeful in never having to see annoying or ugly users pics again!
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